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Garden ideas for renters

When living in rented accommodation, it can sometimes be difficult to put your own stamp on the space. One of the most common places that becomes overlooked in a rented home is the garden. But just because it’s owned by your landlord, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it feel like your own, especially if you’re planning lots of outdoor parties with friends and family. Lots of these rented garden ideas can be taken with you when you move on too – that's a little win!

  • Rochelle - copywriter
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Garden ideas for renters

Spruce it up

Keeping on top of a few simple garden jobs will make all the difference to your outdoor space. Regular mowing and weeding in the summer months will keep your garden looking light and bright. Get your lawn looking lush with an electric lawnmower, which will make light work of the grass cutting. For larger lawns, go for a petrol lawnmower so you don’t have to worry about trailing cords.

Spend a bit of time removing pesky weeds from patios and paths too. Use a weed killer if there’s lots of them to tackle!

And if you’ve got the time, keep bushes trim and tidy. A good quality hedge trimmer will tackle the tidy-up in no time!

Got the gardening bug? Our monthly gardening calendar will give you a rundown of this month’s jobs to get stuck into.

Kids tidying garden

Perk it up with pots

Garden planters and pots are perfect for rented homes. When it’s time to move, you can simply take them with you. In the meantime, they’re a great way of adding interest and instant colour to your garden.

Choose a variety of decorative plant pots that have different shapes and sizes, and use a mixture of garden plants, herbs, bright blooms and veg to really make the most of them.

If you’ve got a bit more space to play with and an empty area that’s in need of brightening up, why not try adding a larger raised bed? Choose one with a base (so you can take it with you when you move on) and they’ll make the perfect home for you to grow fruit seeds, vegetable seeds or colourful flowers.

Watering plants

Grow vertical

If your garden’s on the small side or you’ve got a balcony to brighten up, it’s time to think vertically! Create your own living plant wall with a wall planter. You can hang pots of herbs from the slats, grow colourful climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle and sweet peas, or tasty veg such as beans and peas – the possibilities are endless!

Hanging baskets are also handy for bringing some colour to small spaces. Fill with begonias, fuchsias, verbenas or petunias for a riot of colour. Trailing varieties of tomatoes and strawberries can also be grown in hanging baskets.

Top tip: For a quick and easy to grow beautiful blooms with absolutely no fixing required, these fence planters are perfect. Simply plant your favourite flowers and hang from the top of your fence – that's a little win!

And if there’s an unsightly wall or fence that needs covering up, an expanding trellis is a great temporary solution. Not only does a trellis add more privacy where needed but it can also be fixed in place without damaging the wall or fence. Simply attach using cable ties which can be cut off when it’s time to move.

Growing plants

Add some personality

Bring some style to your outdoor space and make it feel like your own with a few pretty garden accessories. A cheeky gnome, a bird bath for wildlife or an outdoor clock are all quick and easy ways to bring personality to your space…and can be taken with you too!

Find a space to relax

If you’re planning on enjoying your garden with friends and family, you’ll need somewhere for everyone to sit and relax. Choose a lounge set if you’ll mainly be using the garden for catch ups over a coffee. If you want to use your garden as a place to enjoy lots of meals outside, go for a 4-seater or 6-seater garden dining set that everyone can fit round.

Top tip: Short on space? Choose garden chairs and a garden table that fold flat for easy storage.

Garden furniture

Add some cosy finishing touches

There are lots of ways to make your garden feel like home without making permanent changes. Cosy outdoor cushions will add instant colour to garden furniture, and stylish tabletop lanterns or candle jars are great for creating pretty table displays. When the sun sets, keep warm and snug with oversized throws.

Light it up

Lighting is another quick and easy way to brighten up your outdoor space. Light pathways by staking some post lights into the ground. Even just a few sets of solar lights along fencing or walls will perk up your outdoor space. The great thing about garden string lights is that they’re easy to install, and even easier to take with you when you’re ready. Hang them using Command outdoor hooks; they attach to a variety of outdoor surfaces and remove cleanly too – that's a little win!

Outdoor Lights

And there you have it, a garden that feels just like home! Do you have any other tips for making the most of your outdoor space? Share them with us over on our Facebook and Instagram page.