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Top tips for cleaning your floor

Keeping floors clean is never easy – from onion peel lurking behind the bin, to teabag drips and that stubborn sticky patch you’ve never been able to shift! Whether it’s laminate, vinyl, wooden or tiled, we’ll show you the best way to clean floors and get them sparkling.

  • Rochelle - copywriter
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Top tips for cleaning your floor

How often should you clean a floor?

You should generally try to give your floors a good mop, vacuum, or steam clean once a week. Rooms you don’t use very often should only need a clean once every couple of weeks. You might find that busy areas such as hallways and kitchens need cleaning a little more often, around twice a week, to keep on top of things.

Regular steam cleaning or vacuuming of your flooring will also help to extend its life and keep it in the best condition.

How to clean laminate and vinyl floors

Vinyl and laminate are the most popular types of floors, especially in homes with children and pets. Vinyl flooring looks similar to ceramic tiles or wood, but is much cheaper. It’s really easy to keep clean too!

  • Try to keep these floors free of grit and dirt particles, as they can scratch the surface of your flooring. Sweep regularly with a soft-bristled brush to get rid of loose dirt and dust
  • Use an electrostatic duster which attracts dust for quick and easy cleaning
  • Mop your freshly swept floor once a week. A microfibre mop is best for the job as they don’t need a lot of water (too much water can warp laminate flooring)
  • Apply a small amount of multi-purpose floor cleaner to the water before you mop. Avoid soap-based cleaners as they can leave a dull film on the surface of your floor

Top tip: If you find yourself coming up against tough marks that your mop can’t shift, like stains or dried-on food, use a mix of white vinegar and water to wash away the stains. Avoid any abrasive cleaners as this can damage your floor’s surface.

How to clean wooden floors

Not only do wooden floors look great, but they also require little maintenance too. Here are a few cleaning tips to keep your wood floor at its best.

  • Regularly sweep wooden flooring, especially in busy areas such as hallways and kitchens, or flick your vacuum onto the hard floor setting and get round in double quick time. This will stop dirt and grit damaging your floor
  • A good mop once a week should be enough but use as little water as possible along with a gentle detergent
  • Avoid harsh cleaning products, furniture polish, oils, or waxes that could damage the wood
  • Finish by drying off damp floors with a microfibre cloth

Top tip: When mopping, too much water can break down the surface varnish and warp the wood over time. Try a mop with a bucket and wringer, which will ensure you’re not putting too much water on your wood floor. Our flat mop and bucket set comes with separate washing and rinsing chambers to make mopping quicker and easier – that's a little win!

How to clean tiled floors

Ceramic tiles come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures – and thankfully need little maintenance to keep them looking great.

  • Start by removing dirt and crumbs with a dustpan and brush or wet and dry vacuum. Use an antibacterial wipe to remove extra stubborn or sticky marks
  • Fill a bucket with hot water and a small amount of floor cleaner. Try not to use too much as it’ll leave your floor looking dull
  • Wring the mop head out so you’re not using too much water when mopping
  • You can leave the floor to dry on its own but it’s best to dry with a microfibre cloth to get it sparkling clean and to avoid those pesky water spots

Whatever type of flooring you have in your home, by following these top tips you’ll have a floor that sparkles in no time!

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