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Keep feathered friends and wildlife happy with these essentials, including bird food, feeders and tables

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Bird Food for Wild Birds in Garden

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Love your wildlife? Attract wild birds and other wildlife into your garden space with our range of bird food, feeders and tables. We've even got food for hedgehogs and chickens! Go for a bird table or feeder to make your garden into a haven for your feathered friends and enjoy watching them as they swoop down to feast on the food you've put out.

We've got traditional easy clean bird tables or a wooden nesting box. If you want something a bit different go for a wild bird nest egg which can be adapted four different ways to attract whatever species you like. There are also hanging bird feeders that are suitable for seeds, fat balls or suet pellets. When your feeder is sorted we've got a range of bird food you can offer to your feathered friends. Choose from wild bird seed, kibbled peanuts, peanut kernals or sunflower hearts that are all suitable for the table, feeder or spread on the ground. Try offering suet pellets or a suet block to give the birds a special treat that's full of vitamins and will give them energy. This type of bird food is particularly good throughout the season to keep them in tip-top condition.