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Along with sewing thread, sewing needles are an essential part of any craft kit. When you're making small changes to your clothing, such as taking up trousers or repairing a hole in your socks, our hand sewing needles will help you get it done. And for those bigger fashion projects where only a sewing machine will do, it's always a good idea to have a spare set of sewing machine needles to hand. When you get creative with a sewing needle there is no limit to the designs you can produce. Try experimenting with fabric dyes and colour - the possibilities really are endless.
5 products found
Hemline Heavy Universal Machine Needles - Size 90 / 14 Image
Hemline Glass Headed Pins Image
Hemline Glass Headed Pins
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Fusible Hemming Web - 2500cm Image
Fusible Hemming Web - 2500cm
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