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Vegetable growing calendar

Struggling to know what to plant and when? Our guide can help! We’ll take you through the whole growing process from sowing seeds all the way to digging up veggies ready to cook up for your dinner.

We’ll help you decide when to sow indoors, when to sow outdoors, when to transplant outdoors if needed, and finally the fun part…when to harvest and eat!

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Vegetable growing calendar

UK Vegetable Growing calendar

  Sow indoors/ Under cover Sow outdoors *Plant out **Transplant Harvest
Aubergine Feb-March   Apr-May   June-Sept
Bean (broad) Jan-Feb Feb-Mar Apr   June-Aug
Bean (runner) April-May May-June June-July   July-Oct
Beetroot   March-July     July-Sept
Broccoli March-June April-July June-July   Sept-Feb
Brussel Sprouts   Feb April-June   Sept-Feb
Cabbage (Spring)   July-Aug   Sept-Oct March-May
Cabbage (Summer) Feb-March (under cover) March-May   May-July July-Oct
Cabbage (Winter)   March-May   May-June Sept-Nov
Carrot   Feb-June     June-Oct
Cauliflower Jan April-May March-April June Feb-Dec
Celery March-April   May-June   July-Nov
Chard   March-July     All year round
Chilli Feb-April   May-June   July-Oct
Courgette April May-June June   June-Oct
Cucumber March-April May     July-Sept
Gherkin March-April May     July-Sept
Kale   April-May   July-Aug Oct-March
Leek Jan-Feb March-April May-June   Sept-April
Lettuce (Spring crop) Sept-Oct       May-Dec
Lettuce (summer crop) Feb March-July     May-Dec
Lettuce (Winter crop)   Aug March   May-Dec
Marrow April May June   July-Sept
Onion Dec-Jan March & Aug-Sept April   June-Sept
Pak Choi   April-July     May-Aug
Parsnip   March-May     Sept-March
Pea Jan-March April-June & Oct     June-Sept
Pepper Feb-March   May   July-Sept
Pumpkin April May-June June   Sept-Oct
Radish   March-Aug     April-Sept
Rhubarb March-April March-April Oct-March (dormant crowns)   March-June
Spinach (Summer cultivators)   March-July     May-Oct
Spinach (Winter cultivators)   Aug-Sept     Oct-April
Spring Onion   March-Sept     May-Oct
Squash April May-June May   July-Oct
Swede   May-June     Oct-Jan
Sweetcorn April May June   Aug-Oct
Tomato Feb-March March-April April-May   June-Oct
Turnip   March-Aug     June-Nov

*Planting out refers to physically planting the plant that has been grown indoors, outside in the ground. So for example, sowing cauliflower seed in a greenhouse in January to get it started and then when the weather has warmed and the seedlings have grown, you’d plant it directly outside March/April time.

**Transplanting refers to potting the plants until they’re put into their final positions, so for example if you were growing tomato plants, you’d sow the seeds in small individual pots and as the plants grow and the roots fill the pot, you’d transplant them into larger pots and into grow bags or their final positions, as they grow.

What will you be planting this year? Don’t forget, the UK weather can be unpredictable at times, so use the above vegetable planting calendar as a rough guide – if it’s too cold to plant out sprouting seeds, leave it a couple of days until the cold snap passes.