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Pick and mix…what’s not to love?

Pick and mix sweets have always been a popular treat. Whether you go for old fashioned classics or modern sweeties, they’re perfect for a weekend treat. If you’re heading on a long car journey or watching a film at the cinema, pick and mix are a sure way to keep the kids busy! With so much variety and the choice always being yours; you’ll always end up with your favourites.

Pick and mix ideas: Kids’ party bag treats, As wedding favours, Pick & mix stations at weddings and parties, Great for cinema nights, Ideal for long car and train journeys, Simply as a weekend treat!

  • Rochelle - copywriter
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Pick and mix…what’s not to love?

Old school or modern pick and mix favourites

Sweets are loved wherever they're sold or offered - be it at car boots sales, the local shops or as favours at weddings. And the great thing about them is that they're for all ages – not just kids! Gone are the days of penny sweets, but there are still lots of retro sweets for the adults to choose from. Classics like flying saucers can be found in most pick and mix stalls and dolly mixtures will always readily available. The modern-day sweets are usually more jelly based and now incorporate popular treats all the way from the USA. Whatever you're into, your sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied!

Pick & mix gifts

If you’re searching for a gift for a friend or colleague, why not pick out their favourite sweets and pop them in a glass storage jar. Add a pretty ribbon, gift tag and personalised message and you’re good to go!

Pick & Mix Gift Jar

Pick and mix also make perfect party gifts for little ones and are also becoming popular as wedding favours. If you’re planning on having pick & mix at a kids’ party, buy a large pick and mix and some party bags – our party favour bags are perfect. Fill the bags evenly (so nobody misses out) and then get the kids involved by adding fun stickers to the bags to make them look pretty.

Pick & Mix Goody bag

If you have a wedding or special occasion coming up, why not have a self-serve pick and mix station? Fill it with a selection of sweets - add scoops and bags, and guests can help themselves. It’s a popular one with both adults and kids! Check out our party range for all the essentials.

Pick & MixHelp yourself

Wilko Pick & Mix

At wilko we’re well-known for our pick and mix. There are so many tasty treats to choose from, whether you’re into jelly sweets or the hard-boiled variety! You’ll find a pick and mix station in your local wilko with various cup sizes to choose from. Depending on how big your sweet tooth is, you’ll have a choice of:

  • Regular £2
  • Large £3
  • Share cup £4

Find your nearest store

If all this pick and mix talk has got your mouth watering, then find your nearest store for our famous Pick & Mix!