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How to put the haunt in your home for Halloween

Follow our top tips on how to create a terrifying haunted Halloween house to give friends and family a fright to remember! We’ve got tips and advice on wicked Halloween house decorations, keeping guests happy and, of course, the lovely trick or treaters!

  • Sandra - copywriter
  •  4min read
How to put the haunt in your home for Halloween

Give it a quick clean

Before you put up any ghoulishly good decorations we suggest giving your home a quick clean. You don’t want Dracula to think those real cobwebs are the decorations you’ve put up!

You don’t need to go mad, just a general tidy-up around the areas that you’ll be decorating, will do fine. Whizz round with the vacuum, wipe down surfaces and use an extendable duster to get to those hard-to-reach places, giving you the perfect canvas to get spooky!

A petrifyingly perfect porch!

The first thing any unsuspecting monster, we mean visitor, will see is the front of the house, so what better way to set a shockingly frightful scene than with some spooky outdoor decorations? Light the way with ghoulish ghost stakes, hang some scary ‘skullptures’ to greet your guests and get ready to welcome them in with a crazy face monster door that will have them screaming for more!

A horrifyingly haunted house

Now that we’ve ushered our guests into our haunted home, let’s keep the ghoul times going. We’ve got lots of ways to get your home ready for your Halloween guests, from seriously spooky animated characters, light-up pumpkins, light-up ghosts and even more horrifyingly horrid decorations to keep everyone squirming with delight!

Don’t forget the trick or treaters

Every haunted house needs an unsuspecting visitor – it's time to welcome the little monsters! Don’t forget to have a bowl ready full of tasty treats, so you’re not the one being tricked! Or, you could pre-fill some treat bags to give out at the door when they come knocking! And, if you’ve got little monsters of your own, don’t forget to check out our blog on throwing a wicked party, including everything you need for dressing up in Halloween costumes as well as how to include the pets!

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