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How to make the most of a small living room

We all want to make the most of the space we have, and even if your living room is compact, we’ll show you how to make it work for you.

No matter how limited the space may be in your room, our top tips will give it a refresh, make it feel brighter, lighter and more homely than ever before.

The key to getting it right is to consider what works in the small living room layout that you have and what difference the colours you choose and the furniture you add can have on your room.

So, whether you’re after a cosy room where you can pop up your feet after a long day or want a contemporary space to share with your family, our small lounge ideas will bring out the best in your living room.

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How to make the most of a small living room

Go colour neutral

You might think that going neutral with your colours is a little boring, but done right, neutral colours can really help give you a sense of space, and there are so many neutral colours to choose from the paint colour chart guide, alternatively, browse the 2022 Interactive Paint Colour Chart version. Depending on the look and feel you want to go for in your living room, here are some colour combinations to go for:

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Make a feature of your walls

Decided on your neutral colours but want to create more of an impact? Now’s a great opportunity for you to try out different textures, colours and shapes in your living room, without overwhelming the space you have or compromising your overall look. A well-done living room feature wall, which complements the colours in the rest of the room, can really help to define small spaces. Just don’t go too bold as it could look too domineering in small room.

Feature wall ideas and tips:

  • Make sure the wall you choose is the one you want to be the focus of the room
  • Don’t go too bold in a small space
  • Make sure the colour or design you choose complements the rest of the room
  • Paint is cheaper and easy to change, but wallpaper gives you more design options, so choose the wall covering that suits you and your style
  • Subtle vertical stripes on your walls can make a low ceiling feel a lot higher than it really is and can make a small room feel a lot more spacious.

Multi-task to beat clutter

In a small living room, storage can be the biggest challenge. There is a very simple solution to this – multifunctional furniture. Furniture that offers hidden storage can really help you maximise the space in a small living room and can solve two problems at once.

Something like an ottoman, for example, is great for storing everything from blankets and cushions to toys and books. Not only that, ottoman storage also doubles up as some very comfortable extra seating when you have family and friends round!

You may also want to consider floating shelves, which not only look great but create extra storage without taking up any floorspace. The main thing is, if you want to make a small living room feel bigger, less is more, so avoid clutter and extra accessories as much as you can.


Adventures with light

In a smaller room it’s important to maximise light as much as you can. Filling your living room with natural light will instantly make your space feel more airy, and there are a couple of ways you can achieve this. One easy way to maximise the light is to fit curtain poles wider than your window, so that when your curtains are open, they frame the whole window rather than concealing it. Choose fabrics that complement your décor to help tie your whole look together.

And once you have that extra light, it’s time to introduce mirrors. Living room mirrors help reflect light, brightening a dark space and making it feel bigger. Not only that, a mirror can create a stunning focal point.

With an increased flow of light from your windows and a beautiful mirror to bounce that light around, you can quickly create a stunning, bright environment that feels like a much bigger space than it really is.

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Keep it in proportion

When you’re dealing with a smaller living room, size is key.

You can make your space look and feel bigger than it is by choosing living room furniture that’s the right proportion for the room. Don’t go for big sofas or bulky side tables that will make your room seem even smaller. If you can, choose a compact sofa on raised legs, which takes up less space in the room and emphasises the floor space.

Also, look for smaller side tables or cabinets, and especially anything that can perform more than one function, giving you extra options in your room without taking up extra space.

Don’t forget accessories like living room rugs, which can give the impression of more floor space, and find lighting that is bright but doesn’t dominate your room.


Armed with all these tips and tricks, you’ve got everything you need to really get creative with your living space. By being clever with how you approach your room, with the colours you choose and storage solutions you find, you can transform a small space into something that feels bright and airy.

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