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How to keep safe in the sun

The British summer has finally arrived! Yay! It can be tempting to get outside and soak up the sunny weather, but we need to remember to stay safe in the sun. Taking time to protect ourselves from harmful ultraviolet (UC) rays and sunburn means we can still enjoy the summer as much as possible!

  • Clare - copywriter
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How to keep safe in the sun

Dress for the occasion

Clothes are one of your best lines of defence against the sun. As odd as it may sound, the more clothes you can wear the better when it comes to staying safe from the sun! So, cover as much skin as possible, paying particular attention to areas that easily burn or are frequently exposed, like shoulders.

Make sure you cover your head! Baseball caps are a good start, but why not look for something that can provide shade for the head, ears and the back of the neck.

Sunglasses are also highly recommended. Look for a high-quality lens that can filter out those UV rays. If you choose wraparound style glasses, they can stop light shining through the sides, making for a more comfortable time in the sun.

Get the sun cream on!

When choosing the right sun cream for you and your family, you should look for a minimum of SPF30, and SPF50 for children, for good protection. Obviously the higher the SPF the better.

SPF stands for ‘sun protection factor’ and it indicates how much protection a product will provide you – the higher the number, the longer it will protect you.

You should also look ideally for a four or five-star UVA rating. All Skin Therapy products are five- star UVA rated.

To make sure you’re protected as well as possible, you should apply sun cream at least 15 minutes before going into the sun, and reapply every 2-3 hours, especially after swimming or towelling.

Finally, don’t forget to look after your lips! A SPF30 lip balm will help keep them protected from the sun.

It’s important to understand that sun cream doesn’t provide complete protection on its own - you should combine it with other precautions, such as clothing and shade, to give the best protection from the sun.

What are UVA rays?

  • UVA rays are present during all daylight hours
  • UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB rays. These are primarily responsible for premature ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles
  • They cause an immediate tanning effect and sometimes a sunburn
  • UVA can penetrate clouds and windows

What are UVB rays?

  • UVB rays don’t penetrate the skin as deeply as UVA rays but they can be just as damaging
  • UVB rays are responsible for many skin cancers but can also contribute to premature ageing
  • Over-exposure to UVB rays leads to sunburn
  • Unlike UVA rays, they don’t penetrate clouds or windows

Top tip: Apply after sun to keep your skin hydrated!

Show the shade some love

On a really sunny day, the shade can be your best friend.

When you’re out and about in the sun, you should find shade wherever you can at any time of day, but especially during 11am-3pm when the sun is at its hottest.

If you’re planning on spending the time in your garden, make sure you're prepared with a garden parasol or pop-up gazebo for you and your family. They come in so many designs and sizes that you're bound to find one that fits the space you have and the style you love.

Set your garden up right and you’ll be grateful for the shade! Don’t forget the relaxing, comfy seats that make it easy for you to sit back and enjoy a cold, refreshing drink. What could be better than that on a sunny day?

Stay hydrated

On hot days it’s so important to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps, fatigue and more - and nobody wants that!

Water is obviously your friend when it comes to staying hydrated. As tempting as they are, it’s best to avoid alcohol, sugary drinks and caffeine where you can, as they remove water from your tissues.

If you want a tasty drink, there are still plenty of options. It’s good to have a drinks bottle handy, and you could always invest in a nice fruit infuser for a hit of natural sweetness. These come with a removable basket holder, which can be used to add fruit or even tea bags to create your very own iced tea. Delicious and refreshing on a hot day!

You should also avoid physical exercise where you can, especially during the hottest part of the day, as this increases your risk of dehydration.

It’s so important to stay hydrated when the sun’s out. The higher the temperature gets, the more fluids we need to help replace what gets sweated out.

Water will obviously be best for you, so if you’re heading out on a walk or run, make sure you take a drinks bottle with you.

Keeping pets cool too

During the summer we need to look after our whole family, including our pets, and we’ve got lots of little wins to help your furry friends stay cool and safe.

Water is critical to your pets, just as it is for us, so make sure you leave plenty out for them to drink throughout the day. Keep it in a shaded area so the water stays cool.

Some pets find it fun to play in water, so why not get a doggy paddling pool? Hours of fun for the pooch!

For the pet that likes to chill out in the sun, you can give them a hand with a cooling mat. Cooling mats are activated by movement, making them so easy to use.

You could also give them a cooling bone treat. Just soak the dog toy in water, pop them in the freezer and hey presto a cool treat for your furry friend!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to look after yourself, your family and friends and most of all...enjoy the sunshine!

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