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10 ideas for quality family time at Easter

Easter gives us lots of time to spend with our loved ones, but if you’re short on inspiration, our Easter ideas for kids and lots of little wins will make sure you can make the most of your time together.

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10 ideas for quality family time at Easter

1. Easter pom-pom art

Whether you want to make some cute chicks or an Easter bunny, pom-pom art is a simple, cute and fun way of creating some seasonal art the whole family can get involved with.

All you need is wilko Bumper Pom Poms, card and PVA glue. Help your little one draw their favourite Easter animal on the card and glue down the coloured pom poms to create your mini masterpiece!

If you want something a bit more three dimensional, our wilko Pom Pom character kit is perfect for making make some fun characters. The finished pieces will make great centre pieces for the Easter get together.

2. Easter decorations

Decorating your house for Easter can be a fun and exciting way of spending time together, and whether you’re feeling creative and want to make your own decs or are looking for something readymade, we’ve got lots of Easter ideas to help you celebrate at home.

Why not make your own Easter wreath together? Our creative kit is simple enough to get the little ones involved. Hang your finished masterpiece on doors in your home or use it as a table centrepiece.

Everyone loves a paper chain! They’re so easy to make, so everyone can get stuck in. All you need is some coloured card, scissors and glue, and off you go! You can even get yourself a paperchain decoration kit that includes pre-perforated Easter-themed card that simply needs tearing off and sticking together. Hang them around the home and garden for instant colour.

Throw in some small honeycomb hanging eggs (mixed amongst the chocolate ones!) and maybe even a wilko Easter Tree, and you have the perfect mix of Easter decorations.

3. Make your own Easter egg hunt

Is it even Easter without an Easter egg hunt?

Organising your own hunt is easy – just make sure you know how many people will be taking part and where the hunt will take place – that way you know exactly how many eggs and gifts you need so nobody misses out.

  • Mark out your search area – a wilko Easter Egg Hunt Kit makes this nice and easy. It’s best to check ahead on the weather because nobody wants to be hunting for soggy prizes in the rain!
  • Make sure you have enough baskets for all your hunters – we love these Felt Bucket Bunnies
  • Mix up your prizes – depending on whether you’re doing the hunt inside or out, different types of prizes might work better. You may not want your chocolate eggs laying on the grass, so the wilko Fillable Eggs may be for you. Mix and match your own prizes inside – including toys and Easter-themed characters.
  • Make it even more fun by adding in some extra games along the way. Why not hide these Rainbow Chicks in and amongst the eggs, with an extra prize for the person who finds the most?
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4. Create your own Easter cards

Spread the Easter cheer by creating your own Easter cards. Both you and the kids can get involved with this one. You can create cards to send to family and the kids can get creative with their own designs, whether using paint, glue, decorations or good old felt tip pens. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours together.

With Easter card design, it doesn’t take a lot to get the creative juices flowing. Start with some card (A4, folded in half to make an A5 card) and lots of decorating items, whether you choose to stick on some foam egg shapes, cover in bright paints or add your own Easter-themed stickers, it’s easy for you and your family to create your own unique designs.

Easter tips

5. Create your own Easter puppet show

If your little ones like to perform and put on a show, why not get them to create their own Easter-themed puppet show!

Puppets are easy to create, and you probably have most of what you need around the home already. The easiest way to make Easter puppets is using empty toilet rolls. Simply cut them in half with a craft knife (the littler ones will need adult help with this) and paint them the base colour of the animal you want to make. If you’re making an Easter bunny or a chick, you’ll want your base colour to be either grey or yellow. Get your little ones to paint on the features with some washable paint and add extra items like stick-on eyes or pipe cleaner arms, or even use some pom poms to create fur and feathers.

With all their Easter characters made it’s then the kids’ turn to put on their puppet show while you finally get to put your feet up!

6. Easter cakes and biscuits

We all love a bit of baking and it’s a great activity to get the kids involved in. Not only is it fun (and tasty!) it’ll teach them about the work that goes into making sweet treats.

With all the extra chocolate around at Easter, it can be fun to use some of it to make some special Easter cakes too!

Chocolate cornflake cakes are simple enough for little ones to join in with and delicious enough for everyone to enjoy, and there are lots of options if you fancy something a little different. Why not turn those eggs into Easter biscuits or brownies, a gooey chocolate cookie or an Easter rocky road?

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7. Egg painting for Easter

Create some colourful Easter decorations with some egg painting! For this you’ll need:

  • Eggs (real ones!)
  • Paint
  • Decorations like stickers and self-adhesive pom poms

And here’s how to make your egg characters:

  • Poke holes through either end of the shell with a pin and widen with a toothpick. Blow the contents out with a straw – you can use the actual egg for other recipes!
  • Give the empty shells a wash under warm running water and let them dry
  • While they’re drying, cover the area you’ll be using to paint, and then set out the paints, brushes and everything else you need
  • Set out the dried eggs on your painting area – you could even use the empty egg boxes to hold them
  • Give the children free reign to paint their favourite designs and characters on the eggshells – think chicks, rabbits and lambs
  • Leave them to dry, and when they’re done you’ll have some beautiful Easter decorations!

8. Family party games

Liven up Easter with some great family party games that everyone will love. Here’s some ideas to get you going:

  • Stick the tail on the rabbit is a party classic everyone will love. Set out a chocolate prize for the person who gets closest
  • If it’s a dry day, you also can’t go wrong with a good game of Easter hopscotch. Decorate with rabbits, chicks and eggs for that Easter theme. All you’ll need is chalk

Top tip: Add to the Easter vibe by making everyone take part in the games wearing bunny ears!

9. Learn a new skill

Time with the family can be a great way of getting the little ones (and even you!) learning a new skill. Why not try a bit of cross stitch? Our make your own cross stitch kit is a great and easy place to start. The little chick looks adorable and will make a lovely decoration! The pack includes everything you need including paper, yarn, net and needle. And who knows where this will lead? Today it’s an Easter chick but by Christmas you and the kids could be stitching your own tapestries!

10. Make your own Easter bonnet

Is it really Easter if you haven’t made an Easter bonnet? Whether it’s for a school competition or just something to have at home, making an Easter bonnet can be great fun for all the family. You may want to keep it simple and get yourself an Easter bonnet kit that contains everything you need, or you can go one step further by buying a hat and all the accessories separately to really put your own personality into the project. Your little ones will love getting stuck into this. And if you enjoy a bit of healthy competition, you could also get everyone to vote on the best bonnet. Of course, everyone should win a little something, as they all deserve a little treat for all that hard work!

Find more ways to spend quality time with the family this Easter at www.wilko.com