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Let's have some fun in the sun

Fire up the BBQ, get the paddling pool out and make the most of sunny days spent outdoors. Keep everyone safe in the sun with parasols and sun cream

Keep your cool indoors

Prefer to stay cool inside? Beat the heat with these hot weather essentials including fans, blinds, curtains and pet cooling

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Feeling the heat? We've got everything you need to make the most of hot weather, as well all the stuff to help you stay cool and protected from the sun. Whether you're having a BBQ and looking to stay cool under a parasol while you eat, or you want to lay back on a sun lounger and soak up those rays, we've got everything you need whether you're a sun worshipper or you'd rather stay cool.

Pet getting all hot and bothered? It's no surprise with all that fur! Take a look at our pet cooling range to help them stay nice and chill all summer long. A pet paddling pool for them to splash about in maybe? Or for those extra hot days, how about a pet cooling mat for them to lay down and chill out on? We've even got freezable dog chew toys for endless fun over summer.

Looking for tips on how to stay cool? We've got loads of them. Take a look at our fans to help you cool down whether you're at your desk or trying to sleep at night. And what could be better than a cold drink to help you relax and chill out? You'll need one of our ice makers to help with that!

Heading outside? Make sure you've got plenty of sun lotion on. we've got all the big brands like Nivea Sun, Garnier Ombre Solaire and Skin Therapy.

Whatever you're up to this summer, make sure you're prepared with our hot weather essentials!