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Slow down and embrace the simple. The calming, neutral tones in this collection bring a modern, uncomplicated look to your home, perfect for relaxing in.

Soft Sanctuary Collection Soft Sanctuary Collection
Soft Sanctuary collction
Soft Sanctuary collction
Soft Sanctuary colour scheme Soft Sanctuary colour scheme

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When you really want to slow down, do it with Soft Sanctuary. Our home collection allows you to embrace the simple with calming, neutral tones that work across the whole home. Whether you’re looking to add to your existing look or indulge in a full décor refresh, Soft Sanctuary delivers. Add natural seagrass and cosy boucle textures to your living spaces – the earthy tones will help create a truly relaxing look. If you’re looking for a full refresh, you can bring your look together with feature wallpaper that’ll co-ordinate perfectly with your new accessories.

Bring Soft Sanctuary to the bathroom with natural bamboo vanity mirrors and matching toothbrush holders and keep things organised in the kitchen with super stylish ceramic storage jars and trendy kettles and other appliances. Artificial plants are great for bringing fuss-free nature to your home and are ideal for any space, whether the bathroom, living room or office.