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Our bathroom scales come in a range of designs. From the standard mechanical scale to the digital bathroom scale, you're sure to find one here to suit your style and budget. From Weight Watchers to wilko branded, choose your perfect weight scale at wilko.
16 products found
Electronic Scale - Silver Image
Electronic Scale - Silver
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Electronic Anti Slip Body Scale - White Image
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Electronic Compact Glass Scale
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Clear Electronic Bathroom Scale
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Wireless Connectivity Bathroom Scale
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Anti Slip Digital Bathroom Scales
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Electronic Body Scales - White
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Introduction to Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are a reliable way to keep on top of your fitness goals and track your progress. We have sleek and discreet weighing scales in different colours and designs to keep in your bathroom or bedroom, ready to go at the touch of a button.

Whether you’re looking for a simple design for general use, or multi-function scales with body fat measurements to check your progress in fitness and sports, we’ll have the scales to suit you.

Types of Bathroom Scales

Digital Weight ScalesM

Digital bathroom scales are an accurate and reliable way to measure weight. Through its precise measurements and clear digital display, it’s a sure-fire way to get the right measurement every time.

A digital weighing scale is a user-friendly option, allowing you to easily change between metric and imperial measurements and a variety of other functions. Using the ‘tare’ feature to reset to zero is especially useful for easily weighing pets, or making sure your luggage isn’t too heavy before jetting off on holiday!

Analog Weighing Scales

An analog weight scale, otherwise known as a mechanical weighing scale, is a straightforward and fuss-free method to check weight without the need for multiple functions. They use a simple needle and dial display, which often includes two weight metrics, and are a great value alternative to digital.

Mechanical weight scales don’t need batteries to operate, so they’re ready to go whenever you are! They also work on flat surfaces as well as carpets, so you can keep it in any room you wish as well as use them on top of bath mats. Though they may not have the pinpoint precision of digital, mechanical weighing scales can still be relied on for accurate weight measurements over a significant amount of time.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Scale

Choosing the right bathroom scales is a matter of personal preference and intended use. A digital bathroom scale will provide accuracy and multi-functionality if you’re looking to keep tabs on weight – every journey starts with a small step, and digital weighing scales can provide the evidence. Depending on budget, we have an array of weighing scales with differing functions to suit your needs perfectly.

We also stock a variety of designs in bathroom scales. As you’re going to be looking at it, you’re perfectly within your rights to choose scales that you like the appearance of! Digital scales lend themselves nicely to sleek design, and are slim enough to keep out of the way in bathroom storage when you’re not using them.

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