A little recycling win A little recycling win

Face Mask Recycling Scheme

The rise in the use of disposable face masks has unfortunately resulted in mask litter, found around our streets, parks and beaches, affecting the health of our planet. We care about the communities we live in and our world that keeps us spinning, so we’ve come up with a little recycling win that can make a world of difference.


We’re working in partnership with Scan2Recycle and ReWorked, launching an innovative scheme where your used disposable masks can be collected safely, recycled responsibly and turned into boards! This gives your masks a new lease of life and makes sure they don’t end up in landfill or littering the environments we live in, helping us all to #ReclaimTheMask

The journey from mask to building materials

See how your single-use masks are sent to our partners ReWorked to be recycled and turned into boards that start new lives as building materials, furniture and even PPE bins.

Here’s how to get involved

The next time you visit one of our stores for your essential shop, bring your used disposable masks and safely place them in the special collection bin at the front of the store and we’ll take care of the rest! Find out if you have a participating store near you...

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