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The Christmas season can be a truly magical time, particularly when it's time to start decorating the house and tree. That's when you start to feel festive and switching on the fairy lights is a big part of getting in the seasonal mood. You can light up your tree, your rooms and even the whole house, inside and out with our fabulous range of Christmas lights.

We've got wonderful multicoloured lights that the kids will love or white Christmas lights if you'd rather stick to one colour. They come in gorgeous warm white, too. There's also festive string lights or eye-catching decorations that are battery-operated.

Our range of Christmas lights come in different lengths too, so you can choose the best ones for whatever you want to decorate. When it comes to fairy lights for the Christmas tree, a 3-foot tree needs about 50 lights, a 5-foot tree about 150 lights and a 7-foot tree looks good with around 350 lights. We've even got lights with different coloured cable so you can co-ordinate your decorations perfectly! If you love traditional fairy lights we've got lots to choose from but there are alternatives too. Why not go with pine-cone shaped bulbs, beautiful stars or magical snowflakes, for a change. Whether you want to light up your Christmas tree, your room or just a few places like a mirror or the mantel-piece, we've got it all.