City & Construction

Construct a city and keep its Blox citizens happy. Will you head to the local park aboard a London bus or whizz to the airport in your black cab?

Police, Fire & Rescue

Shop Police, Fire & Rescue Police, Fire & Rescue

No city is complete without the emergency services. Patrol the streets in your police van and sling the robbers into prison. Your fire engine is perfectly equipped to tackle blazing fires so you can rush to any emergency and save the day.


Shop Fantasy Fantasy

Dive into a world of fantasy and adventure where your imagination can run wild. Enjoy swashbuckling fun aboard the pirate ship and defend the realm from dragons atop your grand castle.


Shop Space Space

Enjoy hours of intergalactic space exploration. Will you find signs of other life forms during your mission? Head off in your spaceship and find out.


Shop Military Military

The enemy is fast approaching and you've got everything you need to go into battle. Scout for targets high in the sky aboard your helicopter then send for tank reinforcements on the ground.