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Cauliflower & Broccoli Seeds

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Whether you're an avid gardener or you're just getting to grips with your green fingers, there are so many delicious vegetables you might want to plant. And a great place to start is with broccoli seeds and cauliflower seeds. Not only are these easy to grow but they're also firm family favourites that are sure to go down a treat with your roast dinners (homemade cauliflower cheese - yum!). All you'll need to get started is some compost and a greenhouse - but don't worry if you haven't got space for the latter as there are smaller plastic ones available or you could try growing them indoors to start with.
5 products found
Wilko Broccoli Autumn Calabrese Seeds Image
Wilko Broccoli Autumn Calabrese Seeds
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Johnsons Cauliflower Cheesy Seeds Image
Johnsons Cauliflower Cheesy Seeds
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Wilko Cauliflower Romanesco Natalino Seeds Image
Wilko Cauliflower Romanesco Natalino See...
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