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Pest Control & Insecticides

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Bayer Ultimate Slug and Snail Killer 1kg Image
Wilko Slugs Be Gone Pellets 1.65L Image
Doff Cat & Dog  Repellent Spikes 4pk Image
Doff Cat & Dog Repellent Spik...
3 stars (13)
Wilko Bug and Fungus Control 2 in 1 1L Image
Wilko Slug Bait 590g Image
Wilko Slug Bait 590g
4 stars (10)
Doff Slug Trap 2pk Image
Doff Slug Trap 2pk
0 stars
Big Cheese Rat Killer Grain Bait 150g Image
Wilko Cat Repellent Crystal Gel 450ml Image
Big Cheese Fresh Baited Mouse Trap Ready to Use 2pk Image
Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer 575g Image


Wilko Slug Killer 450g Image
Wilko Slug Killer 450g
5 stars (17)


Westland Resolva Bug Killer Ready to Use 1L Image
Roseclear Ultra Gun 1L Image
Roseclear Ultra Gun 1L
5 stars (20)


Bugclear Ultra Gun 1L Image
Bugclear Ultra Gun 1L
4 stars (5)
Doff Cat & Dog Repellent Spray 1L Image
Doff Serrated Copper Tape 4m x 3cm Image


Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer 1L Image
Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Kil...
4 stars (27)
Resolva Natural Power Bug and Mildew Control 1L Image
Wilko Fly and Wasp Killer 300ml Image
Wilko Flower and Rose Insect Bug Killer 1L Image


Roseclear Ultra 200ml Image
Roseclear Ultra 200ml
4 stars (5)
Big Cheese Mouse & Rat Killer2 Bait Pk 6x25g Image
Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait 15x10g Image
Wilko Mouse & Rat Killer Sachets 15 x 10g Image
34 Products found