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Devices that require C batteries are high-power and are, therefore, more demanding than other types of technology. That's why you'll need high-performance batteries from industry-leading brands like wilko, Energizer and Duracell. And don't miss those other essential battery sizes for your other devices, including <b><u><a href=" https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/decorating-diy/electrical/batteries-chargers/aa-batteries/c/aa-batteries">AA batteries</a></b></u>, <b><u><a href=" https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/decorating-diy/electrical/batteries-chargers/aaa-batteries/c/aaa-batteries">AAA batteries</a></b></u> and <b><u><a href=" https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/decorating-diy/electrical/batteries-chargers/d-batteries/c/d-batteries">D batteries</a></b></u>. With all of these, your favourite technology will never run out of juice again!

5 products found
Energizer Max C LR14 1.5V Alkaline Batteries 2 pack Image
Wilko Extra Life C 1.5V Alkaline Batteries 2 pack Image
Wilko Extra Life C 1.5V Alkaline Batteri...
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Energizer MaxPlus Batteries C 2pk Image
Energizer MaxPlus Batteries C 2pk
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Energizer NiMH Rechargeable Batteries C 2500mAh   1.2V 2pk Image

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Wilko Functional 1.5V Zinc Chloride Batteries C 2 pack Image

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