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Help attract wild birds into your garden by offering a range of healthy treats. We have a wide collection of mixed seeds, high energy balls and feeders, all designed to help keep wild birds happy and healthy, the whole year through.

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Theres no reason not to help out your feathered friends this winter with our huge savings on wild bird food and feeders.

Tips for feeding Wild Birds in Winter

We all love our garden birds, they bring colour and movement to our gardens and are often very entertaining! As we observe the birds we see their different habits and ways of eating, playing and even possession as territories are defended and fought for!

Tips for Feeding Wild Birds in Winter

Wild Bird Range

Want to browse all of the range? Here you'll find a wide collection, all to help keep wild birds happy and healthy!

Winter for wild birds

The winter is a tough time for wild birds. They donít hibernate like most animals and have to fend for themselves over the hard, cold months of the winter.