Choosing A Secure Password

When choosing a password there are some rules that can help keep your details safe.

  1. Do not use words that have personal significance.
  2. Mix letters, numbers and use case sensitivity (upper and lower case letters). e.g. instead of “password” try “pA55woRd”
  3. Find a way to remember your password. A good way to do this is to choose the first letters of a sentence that you will remember. e.g. "I like shopping at” would be: “IlsaW.c”
  4. Try to memorize the password and avoid writing it down.
  5. The longer the better. Don't make a password that's less than 6-8 characters.
  6. Do not use the same password for everything. If someone finds this password, they could get access to everything.

I've Forgotten My Password

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