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Over 600 inspirational wall & ceiling colours

With over 600 stunning colours to choose from, we've got paint for every room and a colour for every mood! Be inspired to give that room the refresh it's been waiting for...

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With over 600 new designs for 2014 we have a wallpaper solution for every room.

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Our 10 essential products to suit all your decorating needs.

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Painting FAQ'S

We answer your most frequently asked questions...

Q: Can water-based paints be applied over surfaces previously painted with solvent based paint?

A: Yes, but the surfaces must be rubbed down and cleaned to ensure good adhesion, failure to do this will result in the coatings being vulnerable to impact damage.

Q: Why am I having difficulty applying emulsion paint to new plaster walls?

A: New plaster is highly porous and absorbs the paint very quickly therefore causing it to dry rapidly. To ease application and quench the absorbency always thin the first coat down with clean water by up to 10%

Q: What has caused the emulsion paint I have applied to my kitchen walls to split and crack?

A: It is highly likely that surface contaminants are causing the problem. The walls should have been washed down to remove all traces of contamination such as grease and dirt.

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hanging wallpaper
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Hanging Wallpaper
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choosing the right paint brush
How to choose and use paint brushes are crucial to a seamless, low-stress painting project. View how to guide » View our paint brush range »
Right paint brush
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prepare your room for decorating
A bit of preparation goes a long way toward that flawless finish we see in home improvement magazines or on TV. View how to guide » View all preparation »
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