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Get your housework to dos done with our great range of housewares. We've got cleaners, vacuums and mops to keep your home spotless, air fresheners to keep it fresh and all you need to make laundry a breeze. Shop across a range of grime-busting household names including Persil, Flash, Air Wick, Fairy and Mr Muscle.

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Half Price Air Care

Set the mood with our half price Air Care offers.

What DO Laundry Symbols Mean?

If you’ve ever managed to shrink your favourite top in the wash, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the care label on your clothes!

What DO Laundry Symbols Mean?

Air Care

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with our wonderful range of candles, home fragrance and air fresheners.

Mops & Buckets

Keep your home nice and clean whilst saving a bucket-load of cash with our selection of mops and buckets