Cleaning Products & Supplies

Make light work of household chores and get your home looking spick and span again with our huge range of household cleaning essentials. As well as all the big brands like Flash, Mr Muscle and Finish, we’ve got plenty of own brand products to help you storm through the big clean.

So whether you’re doing the dishes, filling the dishwasher, mopping the floor or cleaning the windows, we’ve got everything you could need to get it done. With all the proper tools for the job, like powerful vacuum cleaners, sturdy brooms and microfibre dusters, we'll help make cleaning a breeze - because we know it's nobody's favourite! Still can't see the wood for the trees? Clutter can be one of the biggest barriers to cracking on with the cleaning - our smart plastic storage will help clear the decks so you can get on with the cleaning up. For more clever tips on how to breeze through the cleaning, check out our blog. We've even got tips on how to naturally clean your home.