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Top 10 essential

The products you'll need to do any DIY job - no excuses for putting it off!

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Just the job

Visit our blog for more DIY hints, tips and helpful advice.

Our new DIY section is "just the job" for all DIY-ers, beginner or expert. From helpful hints and tips to advice on choosing the right tools, we've all you need to get the job done. To get you started, we've answered some of our most frequently asked questions below...


Q: How to clean your brushes

A: To extend the life of your brushes and rollers, it is essential to clean them thoroughly and allow them to dry before storing. How you clean brushes depends on the type of paint you have been using. All brushes and rollers that have been used with water-based paints should be rinsed in cold water and then washed in warm water with a little detergent. Brushes which have been used to apply solvent based paints should be cleaned with Polycell Brush Cleaner and then washed in warm water with a little detergent added. Rinse brushes in clean water, shake off excess water and w ap in a piece of clean paper towel and secure with masking tape.

Q: Can I paint plastic garden furniture?

A: As garden furniture is made of a very smooth plastic and it is flexible we do not recommend painting it.

Q: Which brushes do I use for which job?

A: When selecting a brush it is important to consider the following areas: type of bristle; job to be completed & coating to be applied. There are 2 types of bristle: synthetic and natural. Synthetic bristles are very hard wearing, lasting up to 5 times as long as natural bristle brushes. As synthetic bristles do not absorb large amounts of water and swell up they do not cause tramlines to appear in the paint. Their structure produces a fine finish on all water-based paints. Natural bristle has a structure that allows it to take and hold paint within the brush. In addition, the split ends of bristle brushes help to produce a fine finish with traditional solvent paints.

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'The tools for the job' Not sure which tool is right for the job? Our below guides will help you pick the tools you need to get the best results.

Choosing the right tool

Make sure you use the right tool for the right job. You'll get the best results, and real job satisfaction...

» Choosing the right screwdriver » Choosing the right hammer » Choosing the right saw » Choosing the right lock » Choosing the right pliers

Choosing the right screwdriver for the job

Standard & Stubby

Your basic handheld screwdriver & the stubby to get into tight spaces.

Standard Screwdrivers


A small, slim screwdriver set for use on small devices such as toys, spectacles and watches.

Precision Screwdrivers

Ratchet & Double Drive

A 24 in 1 auto loading screwdriver. Double Drive has similar mechanism with an extra rotation on the reverse twist of the handle.

Ratchet, Double Drive Screwdrivers View our range of screwdrivers »

Choosing the right hammer for the job

Claw Hammer

For pounding your nails in and pulling them out again.

Claw Hammer

Stubby Hammer

A mini claw hammer for use in confined spaces.

Stubby Hammer

Sledge Hammer

Round faced for hammering wider surface areas.

Sledge Hammer View our range of hammers »

Choosing the right saw for the job

Toolbox Saw

This handy little all-rounder fits nicely into your toolbox for those general jobs around the house.

Toolbox Saw


Designed to cut through household metals and plastics such as tubing or pipes. Also available in 'junior' sizes for confined spaces.


The jab saw

'Jabs' through plasterboard. A relatively small saw with rough teeth for making swift cuts.

Hacksaw View our range of saws »

Choosing the right lock for the job

Mortice deadlock

A key only lock.

Mortice Deadlock

Mortice sashlock

A deadlock designed to incorporate a handle (handles sold separately).

Mortice Sashlock

Mortice nightlatch/rim lock

Effectively the same as a hacksaw; the close quarter saw is designed for tight or difficult spaces with not much room to move.

Mortice Nightlatch / Rim Lock View our range of locks »

Choosing the right pliers for the job

Combination pliers

Used for gripping and cutting - these are probably the pliers you think of when someone says 'pliers', but there are a few others you should probably know about.

Combination Piers

Diagonal cutters

Used for angled cuts - not for gripping!

Diagonal Cutters

Long-nose pliers

Useful for reaching in to those tight and hard to reach spaces. These grip and cut.

Long-nose Pliers View our range of pliers »