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Over 600 inspirational wall & ceiling colours

With over 600 stunning colours to choose from, we've got paint for every room and a colour for every mood! Be inspired to give that room the refresh it's been waiting for...

How to be Bold with Wallpaper and Paint | The Wilko Way

Getting a step ahead

Get creative and bold with wallpaper and paint The Wilko Way and let your artistic side out. Make your home personal by using masking tape to create lines across your wall using complimentary shades of paint.

Reach new heights with our great range of ladders - perfect for all sorts of jobs.

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Wilko paint card

We've a wealth of expert information when it comes to decorating your home.

If you're doing a total revamp or need some accessories to match that gorgeous new colour scheme.

Download a copy of our paint card and get inspired from the comfort of your own living room.